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Stacked Brick Ovens

These are ovens built without permanent mortar. They are known as stacked brick ovens, dry-stacked brick ovens, dry-laid brick ovens, instant brick ovens, or mortarless brick ovens. Some temporary ovens are also made from stacked bricks.

1-Hour Brick Oven

The 1-Hour Brick Oven
An alternative web address for the instant brick oven. This is the brick oven for those who wake up Saturday morning and think "It would be nice to have a brick-oven calzone for dinner".
Henbogle: The 1-Hour Brick Oven
An early blog post that linked to the 1-hour brick oven.
The 1-Hour Brick Oven
The first web page that mentions "instant" brick ovens.
The 1-Hour Brick Oven « Henbogle
The Wordpress version of the blog that links to the 1-hour brick oven.
Finding the Center: Quick Brick Backyard Oven
Another blog where somebody took the idea from the 1-hour brick oven and does their own take on it.
brick oven manufacturer, brick ovens wholesale, brick oven compare, brick ovens review
Citation of the 1-hour brick oven.

Stacked Brick Ovens In Minnesota

These are pictures taken when members of the Saint Paul Bread Club built ovens out of stacked bricks at The Landing and Gale Woods Farm Park. The oven design evolved with experience. We started from pictures of ovens built by the Bread and Puppet Theater.

<i>KARE 11 Extra:</i> Building community with portable brick ovens |
Brick Oven
While waiting for the opportunity to bake in the stacked brick oven 4.0, which was built June 26, 2009, I took our extra bricks and built a small oven to experiment with. Because most of the extra bricks were fire bricks, the small oven held the heat very well.
building the oven - Page 5 - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community
I know a lot of people thought that this oven was ready to cave in. I present this picture... 24 bricks at about 4 pounds each, right over the center.
1 Woman - 270 bricks
brick oven cooking
Tracy Gulliver: The Focaccia Bread Tracy Baked in the Bread Oven Todd Built
Tracy Gulliver: The Bread Oven Todd Built
Picasa Web Albums - nt moore - Bread Oven
Nathan Moore's stacked brick oven (eariest example I know of in Minnesota)

Exploring the American West
There is a link to a 5-page PDF document, A Simple Brick Bake Oven, that illustrates one method of building a mostly mortarless brick oven.

Bread and Puppet Theater

This was the source for much of my inspiration about stacked brick ovens. They seem to have been doing it the longest.

YouTube - More from Kneading Conference 2007
Some additional images from the Kneading Conference in Skowhegan, Maine, See the images between 1:46 and 2:02 for the construction of stacked brick oven strong enough for someone to stand on.
Bread and Puppet Theater - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bread and Puppet Theater Company / baking bread (broken)
The inspiration for larger stacked brick ovens.
Wood Fired Oven Tour - Transition Vermont
Pick up a map of participating locations at the Hardwick Community Gardens at 9:00 am on September 19, or find a map at Gagnon’s Video in Hardwick. All tours are free. Stop by anytime during hours scheduled for each location. (A Bread and Puppets Theater-style oven is in the background in one of the images.)
At MassArt, Bread & Puppet Theater shows come with fresh-baked bread - The Boston Globe
Peter Schumann, founder and artistic director of the theater, has served fresh bread after his troupe’s performances for 52 years.

Breadhunter's Blog Posts

Breadhunter's Blog: Moor Street Community Garden
Breadhunter's Blog: GardenFork.TV
Breadhunter's Blog: Oven Construction For Cold Climates
Breadhunter's Blog: Portable Oven
Today I made a dry stacked, portable brick oven that can be quickly assembled. It sits on simple saw horses, and it's constructed with 92 red bricks.
Breadhunter's Blog
Breadhunter's Blog: 5/23/10 - 5/30/10
Breadhunter's Blog: Foil Or No Foil
Stuart Silverstein's Books and Publications Spotlight
Contains ordering information for Bread Earth and Fire: Learn to easily build earth and brick ovens for outdoor bread baking. Detailed instructions accompany the photographs. Also included are sections on sourdough and no-knead bread baking.
DIY: Wood-Fired Clay Ovens

Brick Ovens for the Cheapscate

Brick Ovens for the Cheapskate
The Anasazi Oven is based on a simple concept: everybody knows how to stack building blocks. You also have to pour some concrete, unless you get creative with the foundation and roof. It is a simple oven, and the best for the timid DIY adventurer.
Brick Ovens for the Cheapskate
Brick Ovens for the Cheapskate
I have built The Anasazi Oven and I can testify that it does work. I made a few minor modifications from my plans. Most importantly, I used mud to fill in the gaps between bricks and concrete (my concrete slab was anything but perfectly flat), I used a 4ʺ×4ʺ×16ʺ long concrete “brick” over the arch (again because of the poor fit of the roof), and I wrap a layer of aluminum foil around the outside of the oven for improved heat retention.

Forno Bravo Forum posts

Sample arch design photos - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community
The arch is such an essential part of a brick oven -- from the shape of the oven chamber to the oven opening and vent opening, you have great
building the oven - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community
This is a continuation of another thread that I started in the wrong place. The start of the


Pizza Oven Plans & Photos from Steven of Tiny House Listings - GardenFork.TV
Brick Pizza Oven portable wood fired GardenFork.TV - YouTube
http://GardenFork.TV simple brick pizza oven plans. Outdoor Pizza oven building is simple with this pizza oven plan, you'll have your pizza oven cooking up h...
Pizza Oven Photos from John - GardenFork.TV
Brick Oven Plans and Photos From a GardenFork Fan - GardenFork.TV
Brick Pizza Oven Video & Plans GF TV - GardenFork.TV | GardenFork.TV
Portable Backyard Brick Oven DIY style! Video and plans for a brick pizza oven in your backyard with used clay bricks and angle iron
MAKE | Knock Down Pizza Oven From Bricks, Scrap Iron
DIY projects, how-tos, and inspiration from the workshops and minds of geeks, makers, and hackers @ Make: magazine


Brick Oven - v1.0 - (iso)terra
Oven built mostly from spare bricks.
Brick Oven - v1.1 - (iso)terra
Oven built mostly from spare bricks, take 2.

meanwhile ovens

Picasa Web Albums - meanwhile - A new Outdoor Wood Fired Oven named Hestia!
Photos by meanwhile, Sep 4, 2009
We built our Brick Cook Oven! - Homesteading Today
On Friday we built our temporary wood fired cook oven! We did not want to use cement since the oven had to be placed in a temporary spot. We built it
Picasa Web Albums - meanwhile - 2009 Hestia #1Select Photos
Photos by meanwhile, Sep 11, 2008
Picasa Web Albums - meanwhile - 2009 Hestia Additions & Demeter
Photos by meanwhile, Dec 22, 2008

timmy ovens

My first oven is a success - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community
My name is Tim and I'm from western NY state. Ive been looking at several web sites for a couple months now and decided to try an oven.
brick oven pictures by timmyny_2009 - Photobucket
timmyny_2009/brick oven Photobucket album
foundation to first pizza in 4 1/2 hours - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community
I acually built this oven about 2 years ago. that thread has been revived in introductions but I thought that this would be a better place for it. 2
relatively Quick, mortarless, low budget simple oven like this one... help?
relatively Quick, mortarless, low budget simple oven like this one... help?

Vestal ovens

Vestal DIY Brick Oven
Photos of the creation of a stacked brick oven made from recycled brick.
DIY Brick Pizza Oven » Vestal Design Blog
Three days ago I got some free bricks on Craigslist here at our new “offices” in Palo Alto, and built a brick oven so we can have totally sweet pizza parties all summer long. I took some pictures – it looks kind of shabby but makes deliciously wonderful pizzas. Adobe mortar used liberally.
Make: Online : DIY Brick Pizza Oven
Free bricks on Craigslist + mud + straw + 3 hrs of work = lots of delicious pizzas. Three days ago I got some free bricks on Craigslist here at our new
DIY Brick Oven 2.0 » Vestal Design Blog
a design of stacked bricks and sand.
How to build a brick oven - Cooking - Lifehacker
Web designer Jeff Warren scored some free bricks on Craigslist and built a brick oven at his office "so we can have totally sweet pizza parties all summer long." He photographed the construction using 500 pounds of fire bricks, adobe clay mud he mixed himself and an old barbecue grate. Nice!

Frameworks for ovens and kilns

Bay River Pottery Candace Young KilnRebuid
Rebuilding our 48 cuft gas kiln
Building My Dream Kiln
Mishy builds her dream kiln. The story and photos, from start to finish.
YouTube - Kiln Building at the Island University TAMUCC
Soda Kiln Building with Louis Katz and TAMUCC students Documented in stop frame animation. Will use it for recruiting at NCECA. A How to video. Do it yoursel...
no mortar oven on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
uses a stress harness on all corners with bar stock to hold everything together.

Gove Allen Stacked Brick Oven
Dry Stack Barbeque Plan Need a barbeque, but need it simple? Here is a dry stack brick grill plan you can build in two days.
bread party: Life Changes/Brick Oven
The walls are two bricks thick, the floor is one brick thick on top of cinder blocks, and the roof is a stout granite boulder.
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Stapeloven - de broodoven (a.k.a. pizzaoven, bakoven, steenoven, houtoven)
Stapeloven - Laat ik eerst even ingaan op je laatste stukje . En dan in het bijzonder over het gebruik van de Superwool deken. Op de eerste plaats vraag ik me inderdaad af waarom je überhaupt deken gebruikt hebt. Je wilt toch brood bakken? Met een isolatie verminder je volgens mij de effectiviteit van de warmte-opname cappaciteit van de stenen massa die je erachter nog gebruikt! En dan inderdaad waarom geen gl
The One-Ton Oven (Temporary Site)
Stacked bricks, but mostly curved pavers, and then covered with clay.
My relatively Quick, mortarless, low budget simple oven build pics
My relatively Quick, mortarless, low budget simple oven build *pics*
Build an outdoor brick oven. (Homestead building). - Free Online Library
Free Online Library: Build an outdoor brick oven. (Homestead building).
brick-oven: View Photo: ...and cheap
An oven with both stacked and mortared brick elements
Dry Stacked Wood Fired Oven & Grill « Kevin Kossowan
Wood Fired Pizza Oven | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
It took a week to build, an hour to heat up and 90 seconds to cook the pizza. I call that time well spent!
No mortar oven | Other people's ovens., Oven Design |
site devoted to woodfired pizza oven construction
Brick Pizza Oven Portable wood fired
▶ Easy DIY Brick Pizza Oven : GardenFork.TV - YouTube
http://GardenFork.TV simple brick pizza oven plans. Outdoor Pizza oven building is simple with this pizza oven plan, you'll have your pizza oven cooking up h...
Build a dry stack wood-fired pizza oven comfortably in one day! | DIY projects for everyone!
Page 1: Learn how to build a dry stack wood-fired pizza oven in one day with this tutorial.