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School Ovens

Since building a cob oven is almost like playing in mud, it should be no surprise that cob ovens have been part of many school projects, even with grade schools.

Where schools have gardens, and therefore lots of loose dirt, cob ovens are also easy to create.

Some universities have culinary arts programs. For them, with access to architecture students and engineering students, building a brick oven is also within their scope.

I’m going to include links to school ovens and pictures when I can find them.

While there might be some safety concerns with ovens, I have never found any news of oven accidents relating to schools. As long as ovens are built away from other structures, they are quite safe.

Currently this list is in no particular order.

Kendell College, Chicago, IL

Free School, Albany, NY

“The Free School community came together 35 years ago around a radical independent school in downtown Albany, NY to support the teachers who where getting paid next to nothing at best working at the school.”

The Free School Community bread oven

Vermont Rural Partnership, VT

“Our story will take place over a several year period to study, design, build, and use a Quebec bread oven on our school grounds”

The Bread Oven Unit

Seattle Waldorf School, Seattle, WA

Yesterday, despite the drizzle, a group of fun-loving folks gathered together to make pizzas in the cob oven made by Tim Love up at the Seattle Waldorf School. It was an inspired combination: rain falling just outside the covered shelters, a warm fire, pizza, and great conversation.

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

The UW has a farm on campus that includes a cob oven built in 2007.

UW cob oven UW cob oven with pizza

This is where I graduated from; I’ll be sure to visit the next time I can get back to campus.

Vancouver Island University, British Columbia, Canada

Margate, Kent, UK

Helping out with a Community Schools Project