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Bread News Recipes - The Omaha World-Herald: Food & Dining - Old bread a budget stretcher
What to do with stale bread
  Do you ever wonder what to do with leftover hamburger and hot dog buns?  What about that loaf of bread that you never finished before it went stale?  Don't throw that bread away!  These leftover baked goods can be used to …
Value meal: The joy of leftover bread : Food : Boulder Daily Camera
OK, so the headline is a bit of an exaggeration. The point is that leftover bread is a great ingredient for other dishes.
Slamming dough yields slammin' loaf of bread - Columnists -
Hawaii Newspaper - Hawaii coverage and reports on news, sports, business, entertainment, and events
Two ways to use up old bread : North County Times - Californian 07-08-2009
The best bet for stretching your food budget ---- use every bit of what you buy. Even stale bread. 07-08-2009
Do you feel the 'knead' for homemade bread? | | Pensacola News Journal
Margaret Warr shares readers' recipes.
Gluten-Free 101 : How to make fabulous quick breads
Quick breads are the easiest kind to make deliciously gluten-free. Generally speaking, only the flour has to be changed from wheat to a gluten-free flour blend. Many people make their own mixes but those of us who like shortcuts in the …
Apple Brown Bread Recipe
Homemade fruit breads are a great choice to bring to a picnic, give as a hostess gift, or share with your family. Apple bread will make your whole house smell delicious and inviting. This recipe features molasses and brown sugar to create a dark, …
An anytime quick bread that's healthy and easy ::
My nearly 5-year-old son already eats like a teenager. Which is to say, if his mouth is open he's usually shoveling something into it.
Garlic Herb Bread Twists Recipe at
Find delicious garlic recipes, like garlic herb bread twists, and other Italian American recipes at
Kleiner Kuriositätenladen: Gefüllte Brottüten
Homecooking: Bread Cones
Grilled Flat Bread
Christine Cushing's Flat Bread is topped with a spice blend that is also great on meat and veggies.
Pierannunzi Gingerbread recipe: not a cookie, not a bread -- just heaven
Did we mention it smells FABULOUS? Picture by Julie LeBlanc. One of the most enjoyable things about posting recipes on the Examiner is that I get to root around in old recipe boxes and flutter through hand-scribed, oil-stained recipe cards. In …
Homemade crust good for pizza, bread sticks
fwdailynews is the greater Fort Wayne's hyper-local community news website.
Two ways to use up stale bread - Living -
The best bet for stretching your food budget -- use every bit of what you buy. Even stale bread. The Italians have understood this for a long time. Which explains their panzanella, or bread salad. This summery salad features stale bread, ripe tomatoes and almost anything else you have in your vegetable bin, including carrots, bell peppers, even diced avocado.
Bread pudding, anyone? - Entertainment -
The quest for restaurant recipes continues with one of the most famous bread puddings on the Mississippi Coast — Mary Mahoney’s Old French House.
No shame in shortcut biscuits, especially when baking Monkey Bread - Your life - Belleville News-Democrat
There's no shame in taking a shortcut to biscuits -- especially if the alternative is no biscuits at all.
Food 101: How do I make a bread bowl?
   This was so easy and fun!  This is the second part of my Shrimp bisque recipe . But really, any yummy chowder or bisque would be delicious in this presentation. And just look how pretty they turned out! Perfect for company, or …
Quick breads and cheesecakes from a self-taught baker | | Argus Leader
Cookies, pies and cheesecake are what Connie Kinstad's bakes best.She steers clear of yeast breads.'I've learned to live with defeat when attempting to make bread. Yeast is not my
Maple oat bread recipe
Photo Credit haute negro Add this old fashioned recipe to your autumn dinner table and get rave reviews. MAPLE OAT BREAD Ingredients 1 cup old-fashioned oats 1 cup boiling water 1 (.25 ounce) package active dry yeast 1 1/3 cups warm water …
Home-baked bread, with help from mom
Whether it was a different culture or a matter of mom's knowhow and resourcefulness fresh, home-made bread and rolls were something that always enhanced the author's childhood table. Taking the chance and reviewing Baking Illustrated …
Red pepper bread from your bread maker
Related Articles Buttermilk Bread From Your Bread Maker Artisan Bread From Your Bread Maker Spicy Gingerbread Orange Blossom Cupcakes  With the wonderful abundance of fresh produce available right now, a great way to put it to excellent …
3-ingredient beer bread
  "Beer bread" by flickr user rusvaplauke  Making bread has a reputation for requiring almost frightening amounts of pin-point precision, a long and arduous preparation process, and not to mention the perfect humidity …
PRUDENCE HILBURN: Make bread pudding your own | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL
Bread pudding is one of the most versatile desserts because you can develop a new version from whatever you might have in your kitchen pantry and refrigerator.Recently, while having a book signing at the Colonial
Got buns? Make bread pudding from leftovers
The Labor Day festivities are coming to an end, and you’re stuck with a lot of leftovers, including a bunch of hot dog buns, which are getting stale.  Don’t toss ‘em! Of course, you could freeze them for later use. Or, …
Apple bread pudding with vanilla sauce
Bread pudding with apples and vanilla sauce The secret of bread pudding is that you can take all your stale bread ends and use them to make a delicious dessert. This is a dish that you can make again and again, as it’s versatile enough that …
Whole-wheat cinnamon bread for white bread lovers - | News, sports, business, jobs - Minot Daily News
LET'S COOK: Golden breads - | News, sports, business, jobs - Minot Daily News
Food and dining from The Minot Daily News.
German apple bread recipe - bake with Michigan apples
  Photo: Sally Kimbel Related Articles Zucchini pineapple bread recipe Apple crisp recipe Blueberry muffins recipe Pineapple raisin muffins recipe Pineapple nut bread recipe This recipe for German apple bread makes a moist bread, great for …
Want to bake your own bread? Follow these golden rules | Life and style | The Guardian
Whether by hand or machine Dan Lepard shows you how – and supplies a failsafe white bread recipe
In a Divided Country, Common Bread - The Atlantic Food Channel
Farmers market recipe: Locavore beer bread
Freshly-baked beer bread. Photo by the author. For some, making bread is a regular ritual. For others (well, most of us), baking this staple from scratch simply does not fit into our busy lives. This recipe works for both kinds of bakers--and …
Life on the Fridge: Staycation Beer Bread - BlackBook
In perfect harmony: Moist bread satisfies chocolate craving | Bemidji Pioneer | Bemidji, Minnesota
Goodies by Anna: Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread: Food: SFAppeal
Monday's Recipe (8/17/09) - Caramel Apple Bread Pudding - Entertainment News Story - WSMV Nashville
Inside: Caramel Apple Bread Pudding | Knoxville, TN | Recipes - Monkey Bread
Bake a bread-bottomed pizza --
Janna Snyder from Portland, Ind., was hoping to find a recipe for one of her favorite dishes from childhood. It was a skillet type of pizza, without the traditional crust, that she thought was made by soaking bread in beaten eggs and then topping it with pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni in the fashion of a traditional pizza. I decided this sounded interesting, and while I did not receive any recipes from readers, I did locate a recipe for a skillet pizza on that sounded close to what Snyder had described.
Roseburg teen rises to the occasion with his bread | The News-Review -
Marshal Okonek made his grandma more than proud.It's not that Gayle Okonek of Myrtle Creek isn't proud of all of her grandson's baking efforts in th (read more)
Beer Breads - JSOnline
Recipe request: Del Conte's garlic cheese bread recipe - The Daily Breeze
Recipe request: Del Conte
White bread recipe made easy
  Moist and perfect for jam!  I wanted some hot, steamy, delicious white bread to spread my homemade blackberry jam last weekend. But here's the thing: I love fresh bread, but I don't really want to mess with kneading it. Where's the …
Delicious sweet bread- Challah
  Challah is a sweet and delicious bread. We have been making it in my family for generations! This was my Mom’s recipe that I have changed up.   It is a great bread to make if you are trying to save money. You probably have most …
The West Georgian - How to Make Monkey Bread
Banana bread with added touches -
Ellen Clifford McGuire - Living -
The Daily Texan - Pumpkin bread a great fall breakfast idea
Recipe: Baked Boston Brown Bread - San Jose Mercury News
Recipe: Baked Boston Brown Bread
Recipe: San Francisco custard French toast - Sacramento Living - Sacramento Food and Wine, Home, Health | Sacramento Bee
Barb Damion of Sacramento was looking for the Tower Caf� French toast recipe.
No crusty recipes for this bread pudding
Recipe - Pain au Levain -
A recipe for Pain au Levain.
Recipe - Raisin Rye Bread -
A recipe for Raisin Rye Bread.
Craving crunch: Homemade bread crumbs make culinary magic | FOODday - - | Twin Cities, MN | Marjorie Johnson shares holiday bread recipe: Orange Sugar Christmas Trees
Trading Post: Potica is a European nut-filled yeast bread - Springfield, IL - The State Journal-Register
The State Journal-Register - <p>&#8220;Potica&#8221; (po-teet-sa) is a Bohemian-Slovenian sweet yeast bread filled with nuts.</p>
Traverse City Record-Eagle - Recipe of the Week: Pumpkin bread
Nigel Slater's spelt bread recipe | Life and style | The Observer
Baking your own bread is one of the least predictable but most satisfying of all kitchen jobs. Why not try a batch of spelt rolls and fill them with a tasty mushroom stew
Recipes: The spell of spelt - Telegraph
On a roll with the pretzel bread craze | | The Bulletin
I have a theory about the pretzel bread craze sweeping bakeries, sandwich shops and brew pubs: We're attracted to this new bread because it reminds us of our first love, the bagel.Pretzels, pretzel bread and bagels are different from most other breads because they are boiled before baking. The big difference between bagels and pretzels is the solution in which they're boiled. Bagels are boiled in , On a roll with the pretzel bread craze, By Lauren Chattman, The Bend Bulletin publishes Bend / Central Oregon Local news, Oregon State news, Bend Sports, Business news, Oregon Weather, Bend Entertainment, Classifieds
Apple Cheese Bread Recipe
Green apple photo by wsweet321 / Flickr Fruit breads are a great way to use up extra produce before it spoils. Apples and sharp cheddar cheese are one of my favorite combinations. Both ingredients are featured in this sweet and savory bread …
Easy Versatile Focaccia Bread
Rosemary Lavender Focaccia Bread This is an easy and relatively quick bread to bake and it is so versatile. I fell in love with it on the Italian Riviera where they eat it for breakfast fresh and warm out of the oven. Mmmmm! There are several …
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe
Photo by Jason Gulledge / Flickr Related Articles Apple Cheddar Cheese Bread   Chocolate Chip Muffins Flourless Chocolate Decadence Cake Perfect Pound Cake Banana bread is a great way to use up over-ripe bananas.  Bananas are at their …
Quick and easy whole wheat beer bread recipe
Save time, and money with this great recipe for whole wheat beer bread. It's very similar to pricier versions sold through food companies.   Whole Wheat Beer Bread This is a great addition to a meal. Make two smaller loafs and freeze the …
SPEND/THRIFT: Two ways to use up old bread ::
The best bet for stretching your food budget - use every bit of what you buy. Even stale bread.
Red, white and blue bread pudding boasts July 4th colors
The Fourth of July is almost here, and that means lots of good down-home food. At parties and gatherings people will pitch in to bring one of their special dishes.   For the Fourth, we’ve conjured up a decorative and delicious …
Simple white bread
Getting better, but could be less dense Could anything be more American than simple homemade white bread? (When did it somehow become an insult, along with that ingenious sauce of Mahon -- mayonnaise?) In honor of the Fourth of July holiday, …
Big Easy French Toast recipe
French toast with whipped cream   French toast is something that adapts to a variety of meals.   It’s great for a special brunch or breakfast, but can also be a lovely dessert.   It’s a great way to use day old French …
Neapolitan Pizza
Neapolitan Pizza Margherita If you live in Seattle, you know that Neapolitan Pizza joints are opening at the speed of light. So what’s the excitement all about? Why has Seattle singlehandedly employed dozens of brick pizza oven makers? …
Grilled Flat Bread
Christine Cushing's Grilled Flat Bread
Try your hand at sourdough bread with no-knead approach -
The hardest part might be trying to decide on where to get your starter. After that, it's easy-peasy, especially with a no-knead recipe.
Expert Bagel Maker Confirms: You Dont Need Lye To Make a Good Bagel — Maker Tour - The Kitchn
Yesterday I introduced you to Mary Ting Hyatt of Bagelsaurus and her seriously delicious bagels....
Two New Tricks for Turning Out Beautiful Homemade Bread | The Kitchn
This beautiful loaf of bread came from a home oven and no, it was not baked in a cast iron dutch oven. Read on for two new (to us) bread baking tricks!
Active Dry & Instant Yeast: Best Tips for Working with Yeast Ingredient Spotlight | The Kitchn
As Cambria can attest, there are few things more disappointing than anticipating a warm slice of fresh-baked bread only to realize halfway through the recipe that your yeast is kaput. No tears, my friends! Yeast can be a tricky little scamp, but it need not be your foe.

Bed and Breakfast with Oven

In 2005, we finally built that outdoor wood fired oven, baked our first 10 loaf bread batches
Minnesota Bed and Breakfast ~ Red Wing MN ~ Round Barn Farm at the Mississippi River
Unique Minnesota bed and breakfast in Red Wing, MN, offers luxury lodging near the Mississippi River. View online today!
22 Of The Coolest Places To Get Married In America
It's never too soon to find the wedding venue of your dreams. ..

A new sourdough process developed in Finland
Flavour, texture and shelf life of wheat bread improved _ _ Recent research carried out at the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) indicates that sourdough, which is traditionally used for baking rye bread, can also be used fo
Bread Baking News
Soon the Bread Will Be Making Itself - New York Times
A streamlined technique leads to a crusty loaf.
Soon the Bread Will Be Making Itself - New York Times
A streamlined technique leads to a crusty loaf.
The Wednesday Chef: Jeff Hertzberg's Simple Crusty Bread
A Food Section Face-Off
October 2007: Zoe Francois and Jeff Hertzberg’s Artisan Breads in Five Minutes a Day | Food + Dining | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine +
Homemade bread is making a comeback, and the newest motivational tome is the stupendous <EM>Artisan Breads in Five Minutes a Day.</EM>
Recipe: Simple Crusty Bread - New York Times
A recipe for Simple Crusty Bread.
Upper crust bread, lower level of effort
Find breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion on Minneapolis, St. Paul, the Twin Cities metro area and Minnesota.
Cornell Professor Steven L. Kaplan Rates the Best Baguettes -- New York Magazine
A Cornell professor with a bread fetish comes to town and separates the wheat from the chaff.
Cornell News:Cornell author wins prize
Cornell Professor Steven Kaplan is awarded the Langhe Cerretto Prize for
NPR : Say It with Chocolate Bread
Chocolate bread, neither bread nor chocolate, is in a class all its own. T. Susan Chang says you should make it when you have something to say, because the only possible response to a statement phrased in chocolate bread is to roll over and say yes.
A Good Risk — The Story from American Public Media
Dianne Reinhardt left nursing to open a small, artisan bakery - and she's doing quite well despite the tightening economy.
Arlo & Janis free online comic strip library at
Home-baked bread on the rise thanks to popular book :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Lifestyles
Daily bread TECHNIQUE | Baking bread back in vogue thanks to popular book - CHICAGO SUN-TIMES
A bread baker who needs to knead --
E very once in a while, it feels good to punch something. That is what I missed when making bread with the new, no-kneading method. I missed thwacking the dough, stretching it out on a floured table, manhandling it.
Kneading bread: Science backs up an ancient technique that's as relevant as ever for today's cook --
Fayetteville-Manlius middle school students learn to bake bread, share it with others -
Crust of living | Life and style |
Not only have bread prices risen to the point where baking your own makes financial sense, but there are other very good reasons to take making the staff of life into your own hands
HB News The Cabinet Press, Inc.
A community publishing organization producing newspapers that cover Milford, Wilton, Amherst, Lyndeborough, Mont Vernon, Hollis, Brookline, Merrimack and Bedford, NH.
MPR: The LoopHole: Kneadless revelation
Can You Hear the Bread Baking? : NPR
Listener Catherine Iino submits a Soundclip of her weekly task of baking loaves of bread. We hear the shaping and cooking process.
Sourdough: More than a Bread : NPR
The tangy taste of sourdough is addictive and can be added to almost any recipe. Sharon Vail loves sourdough anything -- bread, biscuits and even chocolate cake. A good sourdough starter can last for years -- hers is more than 10 years old.
Cardamom Bread, Wisconsin Style : NPR
Theater star Alfred Lunt enjoyed taking center stage in his kitchen from time to time. One of his specialities was cardamom bread. Dean Schmitz, head chef at Andrew's Restaurant in Delafield, Wisc., tries his hand at the egg-glazed treat.
Easter Egg Breads: Sacred, Profane and Scrumptious : NPR
The centuries have bequeathed us an international carb-o-copia of leavened egg breads: Greek tsoureki, Eastern European babka, Russian kulich, English hot cross buns. T. Susan Chang explains why and shares recipes for her favorites.
Sale on artisan bread this Saturday
News, tips and advice on earning, spending and investing your money, including stocks, mutual funds, loans, interest rates, debt relief, credit cards, taxes and shopping deals in Minneapolis, St. Paul, the Twin Cities metro area and Minnesota.
News 8:: KFMB Stations, San Diego, California-The Art Of Turning Bread Into Art
Southeast MI Home & Living Examiner: Sourdough and artisanal breads from Stone House Bread
Detroit Article: Sourdough and artisanal breads from Stone House Bread by local Southeast MI Home & Living Examiner expert, Jackie DiGiovanni.
A pizza parlor in your kitchen - KFOR
It didn't hit me until I was loading firebrick into the back of my clean car one Sunday afternoon that maybe my little "project" was turning into more of an obsession.
Bread rises to fill a need
News, photos and video about living in Minneapolis, St. Paul, the Twin Cities metro and Minnesota.
Let them eat bread | The Philippine Star >> Lifestyle Features >> Food and Leisure
Blues is to jazz as yeast is to bread. Without it, it&rsquo;s flat. &mdash; <b>Carmen McRae, jazz vocalist </b>
Baking Easter bread is a labor of love
Metro Magazine
Knead to know: Youngsters heed lesson in Passover's bread of life : Local News : Memphis Commercial Appeal
Its only ingredients are water and flour, and it is referred to in the Bible as the
Fiddling with Flavors: Making Healthy Bread Taste Better: Scientific American
Does the secret of flavor lie in the Maillard reaction?
Bread-making for middle schoolers - The ReporterLife: Serving North Penn, Indian Valley and neighboring communities
Lansdale Pennsylvania daily newspaper covering local, regional, and national news including local sports, video and multimedia coverage, and classified advertising.
Cnylink Local News: Ray donates 300 loaves of homemade bread
Visit for the weekly news in your area. Cnylink... Your link to Central New York
The Argus Observer | Online - Us
New York Bakery holds an inventory sale today | Dollars & Sense
The latest news, advice and opinions on personal finance and dealing with the economic crisis and our troubled economy
Seattle Healthy Food Examiner: Homemade bread inspired by Bread Alone
Seattle Article: Homemade bread inspired by Bread Alone by local Seattle Healthy Food Examiner expert, Kristen Rezabek, MS, RD, CD, CDE.
One dough, two breads for Easter --
Homemade bread graced our table when I was growing up. Huge, fluffy loaves of white bread dominated until the local grocery store began stocking whole wheat and rye flours. Sweet breads, studded with cinnamon, raisins and walnuts disappeared before they had a chance to cool. At Easter , hot cross buns and sweet dinner rolls filled the house with wonderful aromas.
Recipe: Super-tender yeast rolls --
Prep: 30 minutes Rise: 1 &#189; hours
A bread baker who needs to knead --
E very once in a while, it feels good to punch something. That is what I missed when making bread with the new, no-kneading method. I missed thwacking the dough, stretching it out on a floured table, manhandling it.
Suzanne S. Jones gets Almond Pear Bread for her You Asked For It column --
Suzanne S. Jones fulfills reader recipes requests in her you asked for it column. This week she gets Almond Pear Bread
An Irish Soda Bread That's Perfect For St. Patrick's --
My interest in the traditional Irish-American meal served in celebration of St. Patrick's Day began when I was a schoolgirl living on Elm Place in Nutley, N.J. Our street had an assortment of families. There were Jews, Catholics and Episcopalians and other Protestants. There were Polish, Irish, German, English and Scottish homeowners.
Fun With Food: Baking Challah bread and other specialty bread --
Baking bread, there's nothing quite like it. The sweet fragrance fills the air. Sarah and I enjoy making all kinds of specialty breads, and one of our favorites is Challah (egg bread) from a recipe I found in Jewish Holidays Cookbook (DK Publishing, 2008) by Jill Colella Bloomfield.
Burning question: Tap or spring water in recipes? --
My sourdough bread recipe calls for spring water instead of tap water because the latter contains chlorine. Does it matter? I have read that bottled water is often drawn from regular tap water. And if I warm up tap water in the microwave, will that eliminate the chlorine?
Greek Easter Bread --
Greek Easter Bread
Making hot cross buns may be easier than you think --
I f hot cross buns, as essential to Easter eating as colored eggs and chocolate bunnies, can survive a ban by England's Protestant Queen Elizabeth I , they can survive the diminishing treatment of mass production and become one of your holiday homemade triumphs. It's easy. Just ask cookbook author Nancy Baggett of Ellicott City .
Spring water a liquid asset in sourdough bread --
I recently wrote a column about chlorinated tap water in response to a question about a recipe for sourdough bread that specifically called for spring water rather than tap water. I wrote that in a recipe that had so few ingredients - flour, water, salt and yeast - the taste of chlorine could affect the flavor of the bread, hence the directive not to use tap water.
Easter around the world - JSOnline
As with other major holidays, ethnic groups add their own flavors to Easter. The Greeks and Portuguese serve round, flat loaves marked with a cross and decorated with Easter eggs. Syrian and Jordanian Christians have honey pastries. Germans may eat lamb-shaped cake.
Bread dishes simple, cheap and filling
Use up your leftover bread with these recipes.
Great Harvest making bunny-shaped bread for Easter | | The Courier-Journal
Great Harvest Bread Co., 1225 S. Hurstbourne Parkway, expects to bake about 1,200 Honey Bunnies — bunny-shaped loaves of bread — this month in conjunction with Easter.
Oh so easy for Easter | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/09/2009
Philadelphia food and restaurant news, restaurant reviews and restaurant listings from
Seaside Signal - Your hometown newspaper since 1905. - News > Local News
Bread Bunnies Hop into Lincoln
KOLNKGIN Homepage, Lincoln, Nebraska News, Grand Island News
KWCH - Kansas News and Weather - Wichita Bakery Bakes Bunny Bread
Nuns' pumpkin bread could be a savior | L.A. Now | Los Angeles Times
News, features and tidbits about Southern California -- written for the people who live here, or wish they did.
Bread maker at Bay City's Old World Bakery has a few tricks up his sleeve - Bay City, Michigan Living News –
Bay City, Michigan living news. Get the latest Bay City Living News, Health, Religion, Food, Weddings, Engagements, Births, Anniversaries, & More. Join the discussion in forums, browse photos and videos at The Bay City Times - Rochester, MN
The Post-Bulletin is Rochester and South East, Minnesota's number one local news, sports, weather, entertainment and business source.
Hooked on bakery: Reviews |
Hooked on bakery
Anchorage Press > Food & Drink > Bread, front and center
Bread giveway helps out struggling families - Canandaigua, NY - MPNnow
Break bread, not your budget
Every Sunday for the past 30 years, Jim Haynes has brought friends and strangers -- up to 60 people,
Pittsburgh Baking Examiner: Paska bread, an Easter tradition
Pittsburgh Article: Paska bread, an Easter tradition by local Pittsburgh Baking Examiner expert, Stefanie Bondra.
Bread story
The Daily Evergreen Online - Life - Columns
LETTER: Walk for bread to fill your neighbors’ hungry bellies - Winchester, MA - The Winchester Star
LETTER: Walk for bread to fill your neighbors’ hungry bellies - Winchester, MA - The Winchester Star
Welcome to : Food & Nutrition : Bread mother recipes for your very best bread - Mother knows best: how to start a bread mother for better bread
Life And Style: Handmade Hainanese Bread | My Sinchew
Recipe: Sourdough Bread - Inside Bay Area
Recipe: Sourdough Bread
Bake ovens provide a taste of the past, one loaf of bread at a time
Bake ovens provide a taste of the past, one loaf of bread at a time. | Warm your heart with fresh bread
It is spring, but there have been mornings when you would believe winter was here and trying to adjust to the area. It has been a time when the flowers let you know spring is here even among the cool mornings and still somewhat wintry nights. extra description
One dough, two breads: Hot cross buns and savory herbed rolls - Food -
Homemade bread graced our table when I was growing up. Huge, fluffy loaves of white bread dominated until the local grocery store began stocking whole wheat and rye flours. Sweet breads, studded with cinnamon, raisins and walnuts disappeared before they had a chance to cool. At Easter, hot cross buns and sweet dinner rolls filled the house with wonderful aromas.
You Asked For It Recipe: Caraway Sweet Bread -- South Florida
Serve this bread with any kind of fruit or meat salads.
Residents resilient in surviving hard times | | Press & Sun-Bulletin
Local residents who lived through the Great Depression tell their stories about surviving the 1930s, and eventually thriving as good times returned.See video with this story.
Baking fresh bread is on a knead-to-know basis - Food & Drink, Lifestyle -
Nothing beats the smell of fresh bread. But if you've never had the experience of making it yourself, there's an even better surprise awaiting you. The enigmatic Ursula Ferrigno has delighted our students on many occasions with her wonderful bread-making workshops. The kneading technique she demonstrates is a fabulous workout in itself.
Châteauroux Journal - After 43 Years, a French Town’s Nostalgia for Harry and Joe Lingers -
American influence in a town with a NATO base stretched culinary, military, social and sartorial boundaries.
Baltimore Vegan Examiner: When the moon hits your eye it's ve-gan pizza pie!
Baltimore Article: When the moon hits your eye it's ve-gan pizza pie! by local Baltimore Vegan Examiner expert, Christina McCarthy. Witness: Kandahar - Fresh baked bread and kittens
The most authoritative news in Canada featuring articles from The Globe and Mail, breaking news coverage, national news, international news, sports, weather, Report on Business., Corbin, KY - Dreams of making bread
Is downtown ready for Bottega Louie? - Los Angeles Times
Bottega Louie seems too good to be true. And maybe it is. A palatial restaurant/gourmet market/patisserie opens downtown-- a marvel of white marble, brass trim and floor-to-ceiling windows that's aswarm with smiling servers. One look at all those macarons at the pastry counter, and you can almost imagine a world without the reverberations of a subprime credit crisis.
In Portsmouth, N.H., ancient kitchens have stories to tell - The Boston Globe
PORTSMOUTH, N.H. - If tonight's dinner preparations seem laborious, imagine lifting cast-iron kettles on and off open flames, baking bread in an oven with no temperature control, and washing dishes with water carried in from a well.
27east - Bitter economy does not stop Italian restaurant from opening
The Hamptons News From The Southampton Press and The East Hampton Press
Bread Alone - Restaurant Concept Profile - QSR Magazine
Located in New York?s Hudson Valley, the bakery cafe loads up the breakfast table with free-range eggs, buttery handmade pastries, and sausages.
Bread and Company - Restaurant Concept Profile - QSR Magazine
Bread & Co. needs to shrink to grow - shrink its number of kitchens that is.
Manatee Fair: Diplomas replaced with loaves of bread : The Rebel Yell
Hudson Reporter - NB bakery builds gym kids can use Bread factory extends community outreach
Currently serving Hudson County, Bayonne, West New York, Union City, Secaucus, Weehawken, North Bergen, Jersey City and surrounding areas with news, classifieds, businesses, and events.
Argenta Certified Arkansas Farmers' Market Looking Good
Argenta Certified Arkansas Farmers' Market Looking Good
Around Town: Take the friendship, leave the Amish bread - Hanover, MA - Hanover Mariner
Around Town: Take the friendship, leave the Amish bread - Hanover, MA - Hanover Mariner
Chris Bianco's Pizza Philosophy: Chefs + Restaurants :
For the chef-owner of Phoenix’s famed Pizzeria Bianco, making pies offers a measure of control over the universe—but not so much that things get boring.
Food & wine | Recipes: Banana-Coconut Muffins; Banana Quick Bread | Seattle Times Newspaper
Recipe: Old-Fashioned 100 Percent Whole Wheat Bread - San Jose Mercury News
Recipe: Old-Fashioned 100 Percent Whole Wheat Bread
Banana bread miniloaves for Mother's Day | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Recipes | Food | Dallas Morning News
Expert food shopping, recipes and cooking tips from The Dallas Morning News
Gaining knowledge by baking bread | MNN - Mother Nature Network
I read with interest this morning a piece we have here on MNN that was originally published by Plenty. It&rsquo;s titled Why we are losing what we cannot teach and talks about the rural knowledge that we seem to be losing as a culture.
Brooklyn’s wood-fired brick-oven restaurant celebrates anniversary
Mashed potato smoothes a versatile white bread - Columnists -
Hawaii Newspaper - Hawaii coverage and reports on news, sports, business, entertainment, and events
Sioux City Journal : Grilled cheese sandwich holds sliced bread history
Sliced bread -- it's often touted as one of the world's great inventions. Or at least that's how the joke goes. :: Northwest Arkansas' News Source
Reality prompts career change |
I first tasted Magnolia Bread Co.'s fresh take on the mixture of flour, yeast, water and salt while eating a superfresh sandwich at Dynamic Dish on Edgewood Avenue, a local lunch haven for veggie lovers. It was a fresh, whole-wheat multigrain bread that s /
Denver Food Examiner: Unveiling the Denver Bread Company
Denver Article: Unveiling the Denver Bread Company by local Denver Food Examiner expert, Jeffrey Steen.
Slice of portability: Toast your bread on the go | Crave - CNET
Run this handheld portable toaster over your bread like a fancy butter knife and it toasts that side in your hand. Read this blog post by Matt Hickey on Crave.
U.K. bakery uses Twitter to announce freshly baked bread | DVICE
U.K. bakery uses Twitter to announce freshly baked bread, by Addy Dugdale, for DVICE, Part of the SCI FI Online Network
Bread winner - Times Online
When did you last make bread? Last week? Last year? Never? Most people love the idea, but few get round to doing it.
Finally joining the baking-your-own-bread club - Pasadena Star-News
Finally joining the baking-your-own-bread club
Weekend Cooking: Strawberry Bread Pudding
MyFox Birmingham is the official web site for Fox 6 News WBRC. Your source for local news, weather, and sports. Weekend Cooking: Strawberry Bread Pudding
Banana bread - Recipes, Food & Drink - The Independent
This bread is best served warm from the oven, when the lovely smell of cinnamon and cooked bananas is still lingering in the kitchen. Bananas that have begun to soften and bruise are best – so this recipe is perfect to use up the fruit sitting in the bottom of your fruit bowl.
Multipurpose bread dough
Multipurpose bread dough, One simple-to-make dough recipe yields two different types of delicious bread: hot cross buns for breakfast and savory herbed rolls for dinner
Let yeast bread rise in a warm, draft-free spot | | Detroit Free Press
QUESTION: What is the best temperature and the best spot for yeast bread to rise and for how long? -- Ted Okon, Warren
Properly heated pizza stone makes a better crust, tasty pie | ®
Things on the rise at Village Bread Cafe - Jacksonville's Financial News & Daily Record
Yeast might make the bread rise at the Village Bread Cafe, but it’s the dough that’s making the business succeed...
Breakfast Bread Holds Promise for Restaurant Menus - QSR Magazine
By focusing on breakfast breads, limited service restaurants could soon be rolling in the dough.
Raleigh Cooking Examiner: Bread roll recipe
Charlotte NC Article: Bread roll recipe by local Raleigh Cooking Examiner expert, Deanna Polito-Laughinghouse.
Celiac sufferer adapts to disease - Medicine -
GEORGETOWN &mdash; Jan Falwell feels better at age 61 than she did at 30.
Got any bread? Our love affair with the loaf is renewed | Life and style | The Observer
Sales of loaves rise by 0.5% over the last 12 months, the first year-on-year increase since 1974
Cincinnati Baking Examiner: Jalapeno Cheese Bread
Cincinnati Article: Jalapeno Cheese Bread by local Cincinnati Baking Examiner expert, Aimee Plesa.
San Diego Ethnic Foods Examiner: Oat Bread
San Diego Article: Oat Bread by local San Diego Ethnic Foods Examiner expert, Pearl Lee.
News 10 Now | 24 Hour Local News | COOKING AT HOME | Rhubarb Bread
Rhubarb Bread recipe
Cookbook Reality Series Recipe: Twice-Baked Bread -- South Florida
&#8226; 12 slices white bread, quartered
Recipes Jeremy Vincent: bread pudding - Weekly Times Now
Welcome to, where you will find daily news from the News Limited mastheads across Australia. Access the portfolio of News Interactive sites and get the latest news on technology, employment, real estate, sport, classifieds, motoring, community, entertainment and weather. Receive a daily email of the nation's news headlines to keep you informed of the breaking news.BREAD pudding was invented by cooks who couldn't afford to waste stale bread.
The Gourmet Touch: Bread pudding gets a remake |
Half a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread, one and a half golden delicious apples and four ounces of cream cheese ... all needing to be used soon. As I thought about ways to use these leftover ingredients, bread pudding came to mind. I had not made a bread pudding in quite a while so I was looking forward to one.
Can these bags freshen stale bread? Let Daphne try it - Phoenix Arizona news, breaking news, local news, weather radar, traffic from ABC15 News |
UPDATED WITH VIDEO: They're supposed to be ideal for rolls, French bread and sandwich loaves.
Bread baker's challenge: Bagels | MNN - Mother Nature Network
I have made bagels from scratch. Flat, mediocre bagels. After my first two successful weeks with the Bread Baker&rsquo;s Apprentice challenge, this is a bit of a let down. I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. to boil and then bake the bagels that had
Denver Extreme Weight Loss Examiner: Azodicarbonamide: Another reason to avoid most bread
Denver Article: Azodicarbonamide: Another reason to avoid most bread by local Denver Extreme Weight Loss Examiner expert, Mark Rubi.
SF Ethnic Foods Examiner: Brazilian cheese bread (pao de queijo)
San Francisco Article: Brazilian cheese bread (pao de queijo) by local SF Ethnic Foods Examiner expert, Shimi Rahim.
Durango Herald News, No crumb left behind: Uses for stale bread
Bread baker Dale Dugan is a rising star --
I t was a misty morning, and Dale Dugan, baker for the four restaurants and one wine shop in Baltimore's Charleston group, said his bread was giving him a weather report.
The You Docs Tip of the Day: Best breads and spreads | Life | Idaho Statesman
Not much is faster than sweeping some spread on your toast as you zip out the door in the morning (and it's not too messy if you have to dashboard dine). But if you're eating bread that's as nutritious as cardboard and fatty spreads that age you as much...
This Land - A Town Fights to Save an Oasis of Baguettes - Series -
Clearly, whoever denied Verlaine Daeron’s visa did not understand what madeleines meant to that part of the United States called Colebrook, N.H.
Ladysmith Chronicle - The skinny on sourdough
Herald & Review Archives | Life: Daily bread: Jyoti Verma has made the Indian staple so often that she no longer needs a recipe
French bread losing its crustiness -
Bread makers in France are no longer producing a proper crust on their baguettes, says an American college professor and expert on French bread.
The Desert Trail > Archives > The Desert Trail > Features > Stretch Your Dollar: These tips will help you save a little bread
New Nevada law protects those who donate food - San Jose Mercury News
New Nevada law protects those who donate food
Study Points Toward Better Gluten-free Bread
Study Points Toward Better Gluten-free Bread
Recipe: Meyer Lemon Bread -
Recipe: Meyer Lemon Bread
Perfect popovers -
Perfect popovers
Recipe: Meyer Lemon Popover Strata -
Recipe: Meyer Lemon Popover Strata
How to bake: Dan Lepard makes gluten-free white bread | Life and style | The Guardian
Dan Lepard makes gluten-free white bread
Breaking Bread | Sonoma & Napa Valley Vacations |
Wild Flour Bread Make the pilgrimage to this funky Freestone bakery thats become a must-stop for the bicyclists and the beach-bound. Follow your nose to where weekenders congregate around a communal table with
Fresh hot bread rolls from the fridge (fridge rolls) recipe | Recipes - Times Online
Recipe for Fresh hot bread rolls from the fridge (fridge rolls) from Times Online Food and Drink, exclusive recipes from Gordon Ramsay, Jill Dupleix and other leading chefs
Bread baker's challenge: Artos bread | MNN - Mother Nature Network
The second week of the Bread Baker&rsquo;s Apprentice challenge has us all making Artos or Greek Celebration bread &ndash; a sweet bread with honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and almond extract. There&rsquo;s the basic bread &ndash; which is the
Give leftover bread a fresh new start | | Detroit Free Press
A recent Time magazine article caught my eye. 'Lidia Bastianich Saves Our Dough' featured ways to use bread.
Footnotes: A new way to bake bread - Carlsbad Current-Argus
Footnotes: A new way to bake bread
Loaf that has seen better days stars in bread pudding - JSOnline
The all day, five minute daily bread | | Zanesville Times Recorder
My house is smelling like a French bakery these days as a result of my newest combination of culinary obsession and cost-cutting thriftiness. My goal is to never buy another loaf of bread. I know I
hereonearth090424k.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)
Peter Reinhart on pizza
Mount Airy News - Bread beer and a frugal lifestyle
Fresh From Prison, a Brother Rejoins His Family Bread Business
Glenn Dahl was taking an absurd risk in letting his younger brother Dave -- recovering addict, six-time felon -- back into his life and business.
Lainie Steelman: Homemade bread -- easier than you think - Corning, NY - The Corning Leader
Capital News 9 | 24 Hour Local News | COOKING AT HOME | Broccoli, Onion and Black Olive Bread Salad
Broccoli, Onion and Black Olive Bread Salad
Sugar snap peas, rhubarb and real bread
After the thunder storms that cut a swath through Theodore Wirth Park, stalled cars in door high water on the 94, and flattened peonies with quarter sized hail, summer announced herself with green. The brown lawns scrubbed up, the trees waving …
How to bake: Dan Lepard makes sprouted grain seed bread | Life and style | The Guardian
Dan Lepard makes no-knead sprouted grain seed bread
The New Straits Times Online: <B>COOK: </b>Fig, apricot and raisin bread
The online edition of The New Straits Times, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Illinois woman wins national bread-baking contest | News Updates | Wichita Eagle
Dianna Wara of Washington, Ill., was the winner of Wednesday's National Festival of Breads baking contest at the Airport Hilton.
National bread festival brings the best bakers to Wichita today | Featured Story | Wichita Eagle
By the time Marjorie Johnson finished listing all the prizes she's won during her competitive cooking career, her bread dough had almost finished rising at today's National Festival of Breads in Wichita. Eight contestants from around the country met for...
National bread festival brings the best bakers to Wichita today | Food | Wichita Eagle
By the time Marjorie Johnson finished listing all the prizes she's won during her competitive cooking career, her bread dough had almost finished rising at today's National Festival of Breads in Wichita. Eight contestants from around the country met for...
Cooking 101: Sweet glaze finishes off poppy seed bread by Evansville Courier & Press
EZ Breezy Breads for the Non-Bakers Out There Like Me!
I have found a couple of bread recipes that I wanted to share with everyone today. As you may or may not have figured out by reading my recipes I never measure anything. There is one exception to this rule and that comes to breads, cakes, …
Recipe for Zucchini-feta quiche in bread crust - The Boston Globe
Makes one 9-inch pie or enough to serve 4 A quiche is ideal if you're expecting house guests and not sure when exactly they're arriving, or need something to have on hand for a weekend when everyone is coming and going at different times. Set the pie on the counter with a knife and a few plates and you'll see ...
Simple bread sticks
Perfect with soup These very simple bread sticks come from a great basic cookbook, Marion Cunningham's 1986 revision of Fannie Farmer's Boston Cooking School Cookbook. They take about four hours to prepare from start to finish, but of course most …
Swans Commentary: FRENCH BREAD: The "Baguette" Versus "Pain de Campagne", by Graham Lea - glea03
Vive la boulangerie! While bread preferences are changing in France with <em>pain de campagne</em> returning to favor over the baguette, sliced white bread thankfully remains a largely foreign concept.
Everybody eats bread
NEXT is a leading source for Nigerian & African news, commentary video on politics, national, business, sports, lifestyle, information technology, art and culture
Bread contest goes national in Wichita | Wichita Entertainment - Restaurants, Movie Theaters | Wichita Eagle
A new national baking contest in Wichita next week will give eight baking champs from around the country a chance to see the state from which their most essential ingredient -- flour -- often originates.
Easy, delicious bread in a hurry without all the fuss |  West Fargo Pioneer  | West Fargo, North Dakota
Several of the local bakeries are featuring a variety of delicious ‘flavored’ breads that are packed with everything from cheese to jalapenos to pepperoni and a variety of other spices and accents, in a quest to add a little diversity to the daily monotony of white or wheat bread, as well as help add numbers to the bottom line.
Martin Hickman: Use your loaf to bring bread back to basics - Spend & Save , Money - The Independent
Flour, water, yeast. For centuries we have used just three ingredients to make bread. Examine a supermarket loaf, though, and you will find some other, odd substances.
Sweet twists on traditional cinnamon bread
Lifehacker - Make Fresh-Baked Bread in Five Minutes - Recipes
Can you spare five minutes each day? That's all you'll need to make fresh-baked bread with this recipe and method.
Dane County Farmers' Market -- Silly Yak Bakery and Bread Barn - Isthmus | The Daily Page
The Silly Yak Bakery is distinguished by its fresh-baked gluten-free and whole wheat breads and treats. Located at the top of State Street as part of the Dane County Farmers' Market for years when it was known as the Bread Barn, its booth is now located across the Square on West Main Street.
Consumerist - Loaf Of Bread Comes With Baked-In Rodent Goodness - Mice
The humble, homemade bread crumb elevates 'poverty cuisine'
Stillwater Gazette - Community News
Bakery fined after rodent found in loaf of bread - Local & National, News -
A well-known bakery has been fined £1,000 after a whole mouse was found in a loaf of bread.
In With The Old: Stale Bread Recipes! - The Early Show - CBS News
The Early Show: In With The Old: Stale Bread Recipes! - Lidia Bastianich Shows How To Make Most Of Old Bread In Soups, Salads And Desserts
Pane D'Amore opens Sequim doors Thursday -- Port Angeles Port Townsend Sequim Forks Jefferson County Clallam County Olympic Peninsula Daily news
The sassy ladies who make the heavenly foccacia bread at Liguria Bakery
If you tell a local that you are going to the Liguria Bakery in North Beach, they will rave about it as “the best foccacia in San Francisco.” I must agree. This bread is wonderful, but to truly appreciate it, you have to go to the …
Award winning bread - Local News - News - General - The Guyra Argus
If you thought the bread baked at Guyra’s Country Fresh Hot Bread Shop was ‘Top of the Range’ the judges results are in – second year apprentice Steve Kliendienst has the winning recipe.
Healthy Banana Bread - Home Cooking - Chowhound
We like to eat home made banana bread for breakfast fairly often. We love my grandma's recipe, however, since we eat it so often, I've tried convertin
Cooking with kids: Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day
Making bread with kids is easy! Baking bread can be one of the most satisfying experiences- but it can also be so time consuming that it loses it's charm.  The Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day cookbook solves that problem, and it turns out …
No volts, warm hearth: Backwoods baker delivers the goods -- Port Angeles Port Townsend Sequim Forks Jefferson County Clallam County Olympic Peninsula Daily news
Right Round, Baby
THERE WAS A time when having pizza for dinner was a cheap, low-key alternative to other dining options. In fact, dinner was usually liquid and pizza—picked up from Ray’s, Rosario’s or Stromboli’s sometime after midnight—w,Foo
Rustico Honey Whole-Wheat Bread Recipe Details | Recipe database |
Recipe database of thousands of Washington Post recipes. Quick meals, healthy recipes, meatless recipes, holiday recipes and more.
Buffalo Gap Wine &amp; Food Summit : Recipes : Abilene Reporter-News
For passionate lovers of fine wines and the “hautest” cuisine in Texas, all roads lead to the Buffalo Gap Wine &amp; Food Summit this weekend, which kicks off Friday night on the grounds of the Perini Ranch Steakhouse.
Upper crust: Why sourdough is the best bread - Features, Food & Drink - The Independent
San Francisco's food scene is probably the most vibrant in the Americas. Whether they're starting trends or perfecting them, Bay Area chefs have long been among the world's most creative. But amidst all the innovation, there has been one faithful and beloved constant on the city's many tables: sourdough bread.
Los Altos Town Crier - Sweet or savory, bread pudding satisfies
Los Altos Town Crier Newspaper serves Los Altos and surrounding communities., I20090415
Fresh strawberry bread pudding is breakfast treat
Today’s dilemma: what to do with our dwindling supply of fresh-picked strawberries. The solution smiled right at us from the bread box as we noted the leftover Italian loaf sitting there. It was just crying out to be made into an …
A bread winner -
Jan Galloway felt a little like Dorothy spinning into Oz last week when she arrived at the National Festival of Breads Contest in Wichita, Kansas.
The New Straits Times Online: Bake yeast-free breads
The online edition of The New Straits Times, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Food & wine | Recipe: Panzanella with Herbs | Seattle Times Newspaper
Lifehacker - Whip Up Homemade Bread without a Bread Machine - Recipes
If you'd like to get hands-on and make your own bread, but need a little more guidance than a recipe, this simple bread recipe with step-by-step photos is a good place to start out.
Charcoal bread looks like hella but tastes like challah | The Stew - A taste of Chicago's food, wine and dining scene
A taste of Chicago's food, wine and dining scene
Quick, Easy Breads: Stay Tuned - Bitten Blog -
The Steamboat Pilot & Today: Pass the Bread dinners bring locals together
Notes from the Vegan Feast Kitchen/ 21st Century Table: MY NEW COUNTERTOP "BRICK OVEN"
Daily Kos: Mozzarella Garlic Bread: Updated with Appetizer
Sweet or savory flat yeast bread recipe (also known as foccacia or fougasse)
Insert photo caption or credit here Flat yeast breads made in Italy are known as foccacia. The dough is typically spread in a pan, dusted with salt and rosemary, baked, then cooled and sliced into long rectangles. In the south of France, flat …
Bread Pudding with Lemon Sauce - JSOnline
Kitchen Guy's Beer Bread | Max Media Montana | Kitchen Guy - Missoula / Kalispell
Cheap ways to make life extra special: banana bread, other treats | | Bullard Banner News
The Urban Forager - Baker Matthew J. Tilden's Ultrarustic, Old-World-Inspired Bread -- New York Magazine
At 11 p.m., the pizzaioli at Toby’s Public Housecall it a night. Three hours later, Matthew J. Tilden gets to work.
Woman receives mention in national bread competition | The Daily Republic | Mitchell, South Dakota
FACES AND PLACES: Jodee Brown and family take pride in making bread the old-fashioned way | Grand Forks Herald | Grand Forks, North Dakota
Nutrition in the morning: A look at breakfast breads
A diet, weight loss, nutrition, and food news blog with daily news roundups and diet tips, obesity
York News-Times > News > Homemade bread
York, Nebraska's most complete news source
ExpertClick - Gemignani Kneads Education into Upscale Pizzeria
Red River Gorge Online
Spokane baker finds spiritual side to sharing bread | | Jul 8, 2009 Mary Lee Abba-Gaston grew up just down the hill from Spokane's Mount St. Michael's Jesuit seminary in the mid-1940s when it was buzzing with activity. Her Italian father helped care for the pigs on the 700-acre farm that provided food for the seminary.
Rum cake baked in ‘pugon’ -, Philippine News for Filipinos
Keep food fresh for longer with a little common sense | | Detroit Free Press
I woke up today with a hankering for pancakes. Having remembered the buckwheat mix in the pantry I was double excited — satisfying a craving while maintaining a semblance of healthy doesn't happen every day. But opening the box killed my morning moment. Thousands of creepy crawlies wove in and out of my delicious mix in a synchronized dance; thanks, weevils, none for me today.
Monitor Online | Health & Living | Brown bread is the healthier choice
The Art of Baking: Breads at Marshall District Library | | The Enquirer
Marshall District Library will host Patrick Dulaney of Win Schuler's Restaurant & and Pub as he presents a free program to adults on “The Art of Baking: Breads.” Mark your calendar now for this presentation to be held on Tuesday, August 4 from 7-8:15 pm in the library Meeting Room.
Nashville - Nashville Scene - Bites - Circle Beats the Square: A Revolution in Sandwich Bread!
Masterclass: how to bake your own bread - Times Online
Tomorrow the Real Bread Campaign launches Baking A Local Loaf for Lammas, part of a four-year initiative to get the country eating real bread, either buying it from local bakers or making it ourselves.
SKOWHEGAN People who knead wrap up
Quality threats in artisan breads - Bakers Journal
Bakers Journal highlights thee successes, the trends and the people of Canada’s baking industry.
At the Kneading Conference, oven-making to bread baking - The Boston Globe
SKOWHEGAN, Maine - Under a big-top tent at the third annual Kneading Conference here late last month, scores of men and women are watching and listening to renowned bakers as they shape and bake breads. Others are learning the intricacies of using a wood-fired oven. Inside the nearby Federated Church hall, farmers and home growers are hearing how to grow ...
Simply Bread rises to fill Valley stomachs
Simply Bread rises to fill Valley stomachs, Sourdough key to good bread in hot desert, local bakeries' owner says.
Admit it; you eat there for the bread - JSOnline
How to bake great bread - Telegraph
Rose Prince pays tribute to the domestic science teacher who first taught her to bake bread
Major exhibit on Egypt heads to Ark. Arts Center
'World of the Pharaohs' exhibit to show 3,000 years of ancient Egypt at Arkansas Arts Center
Online Club Members Cook Together, Miles Apart -
Erica Marcus - Newsday
How to Bake Bread the Really Old Fashioned Way - Food & Drink -
Fox Foodie: How to Bake Bread the Really Old Fashioned Way, Forget the Fleischmann's, baking without yeast doesn't mean your buns have to be flat
Sourdough bakery draws a crowd at Fountains - Roseville Press-Tribune
Nutrition 101: How do I choose a healthy bread?
When shopping your local grocery store for bread, here are a few things to look for. • Whole grain – this means that the bread is made with all parts of the grain (the whole grain), instead of only one part (like white flour uses.) …
Answers About the History of the Bagel - City Room Blog -
Maria Balinska, the author of "The Bagel: The Surprising History of a Modest Bread," responds readers.
What Has 4 Wheels, 2 Pieces of Bread, and Lots of Melted Cheese? - LAist
Griego: Like all traditions, bread is work - The Denver Post
Griego: Like all traditions, bread is work
York students have power and flour to help area food pantries |
YORK, Maine — The lesson of the morning was bread making, and the teacher was Paula Gray of King Arthur Flour. Her helper, student Dylan Munn, had just stirred the yeast into the water.
York students have power and flour to help area food pantries |
YORK — The lesson of the morning was bread making, and the teacher was Paula Gray of King Arthur Flour.
Field Report - A Barefoot Hippie Baker Is Now a Locavore Hero -
Once seen as a barefoot hippie baker, Jeff Ford of Cress Spring Bakery is now a locavore hero.
Rustica busts a move |
Orlando Sentinel - How much do you know about sourdough bread? Take this quiz by
Few things are as sublime as a perfectly baked loaf of sourdough bread. But is sourdough really better for you than whole-wheat or white bread? And just what goes into
Bites - Bakery and Cafe Review - Soluna Brot und Ol in Berlin - Review -
Made from aged flour and baked in clay ovens, the organic breads here have inspired chefs, documentaries and cookbooks.
ARUKF Finding the lost art of Artisan bread: Workshops aim to bring forgotten skills back to practice
TradingMarkets News for ARUKF - Finding the lost art of Artisan bread: Workshops aim to bring forgotten skills back to practice
West Seattle Blog… » Behind the scenes at West Seattle’s Bakery Nouveau
Behind the scenes at West Seattle’s Bakery Nouveau
Woman Bakes Bread to Earn Extra Dough
Things are looking up, but there's still a long way to go for the millions of Americans who are out of work. One woman found herself struggling to keep her home after months without a job. So she tried making dough, right in her own kitchen. , MyFoxDC Fox 5 News WTTG:
See-Through Toaster: Next Best Thing Since Sliced Bread - Tonic
Learn candy, bread from the CIA in the comfort of your kitchen | | Poughkeepsie Journal
Wouldn't it be nice to have help in the kitchen to produce professional-looking bread and candy?
Bread machine as dough mixer: It does the work for you -
There's nothing like taking fresh, homemade bread out of your oven to make you a hero. Turn out a pan of warm, yeast-raised rolls into a bread basket, and your guests will sing hosanna. What they don't realize is how easy it is when you use your bread machine as a dough machine.
The Curious Cook - Better Bread With Less Kneading -
Baking the same loaves daily — firm and wet, kneaded and not — to find out whether less work makes a superior bread.
SBS Food :: Food Art
New challah business began with a bread machine - The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle
New business makes challah for Milwaukeeans.
Lewis Bakeries chief being inducted into Hall of Fame » Evansville Courier & Press
R. Jack Lewis Jr., president of Lewis Bakeries Inc. — an Evansville company whose products are distributed throughout the United States — is adding another accolade to his bread basket.
Local charm sells Turtle Bread | With long fermentation and careful attention to detail, bakers at Turtle Bread take the time that real artisan bread and pastry require
Head Baker Solveig Tofte knows it's not just her high-quality bread and pastries that draw customers to Minneapolis' quaint, homegrown bakery and deli. What's not on the menu the local, artisan and hand-made elements are just as integral to Turtle Bread's appeal. But as is the case with other artisan bread and pastry bakers, Tofte is too busy ensuring the results live up consumers' lofty expectations
Make: Online : Bread chairs
Bread chairs by Enoc Armengol: not for sitting, only for nomming (and admiring)! [via Core77]...
Ned Atwater: Catonsville man shares his tricks for Irish soda and brown breads -
Atwater's Irish brown bread recipe uses three different kinds of flours - bread, whole-wheat and rye - plus a chocolate malt
Asheville Artisan Bread Bakers festival celebrates bakers | | Asheville Citizen-Times
A dozen local artisan bakers will celebrate crusty, delicious bread during the upcoming Asheville Artisan Bread Bakers festival.
For 52 weeks, the bread also rises |
The world would be a less interesting place without the William Alexanders who walk among us -- the people who pursue all sorts of Holy Grails and latch like ticks onto particular passions, yet who have the good grace to tell us all about their exploits with humor, rather than with pomposity
Blessed Bread « – Sicily Stories and Travel Tips from Jann Huizenga
Men's rising obsession - Los Angeles Times
When Bill Freese left the world of corporate communications in Seattle 10 years ago to work in a grocery store on the island of Vashon in Puget Sound, he had one goal in mind -- to perfect his
The secret life of yeast bread -
A gloppy mixture bubbles to life in Emily Buehler's makeshift chemistry classroom, which is actually her kitchen in Hillsborough.
Everything you need to know about Scotland's best artisan bakers | The List
Everyone loves to have a small, charming bakery just around the corner, yet in Britain 95 per cent of the bread sold is made in factories. John Cooke spoke to some artisan bakers around Scotland who have started their businesses from scratch in the last… We also run a bread club, whereby groups of neighbours order from us then we deliver the whole order to one of their houses.
'Bread man' of Brockport bakes acts of kindness | Democrat and Chronicle |
For Chet Fery, making bread and sharing it with others are acts of kindness and connection. In the past decade, he figures he's given away more than 16,000 loaves.
The Cool Hunter - The Rise of The Designer Bakery
True Loaf
The current and back issues of True Loaf the quarterly magazine exclusively for for Real Bread Campaign members
Rose Prince’s Baking Club: How my children earn their crust - Telegraph
Dough nuts: There's a new breed of amateur foodie - men who bake their own bread - Features - Food & Drink - The Independent
The traditional male pastimes of blathering endlessly about footy and pointless tinkering in the shed have recently been joined by a more sustaining hobby. In the past couple of years, several of my cronies have taken to making bread. Men who hitherto wouldn't have known a fork from a focaccia are now baking tasty, characterful loaves on a weekly or even daily basis. In some cases (including, I must admit, mine), the results are more idiosyncratic than magnificent, though they are still about a thousand times more interesting than any loaf you can buy in the supermarket.
How to bake bread in space
Sixteen-year old “citizen scientist” Sam Wilkinson has developed a way to bake fresh bread during long space voyages.
Asheville baker, mother connects farmer to baker with new mill project | The Asheville Citizen-Times |
After the price of wheat, the baker's most essential ingredient, spiked by as much as 130 percent in 2008, Jennifer Lapidus rallied to reconnect the farmer, baker and miller through the construction of a local mill.
The Baker In The Rye | News | Features | Food Arts
WDRT newscast for July 20 2012 by WDRT News on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
Listen to WDRT newscast for July 20 2012 by WDRT News: This week's newscast is includes Lila Marmel's story about the wind farm in Cashton, WI. Hank Deutsch talks to the founders of the local ... | Create, record and share the sounds you create anywhere to friends, family and the world with SoundCloud, the world's largest community of sound creators.
White Bread & Green Dough or How I Opened an Online Bakery - Saving Advice Articles
At the beginning of this year, I was looking for a way to supplement our income. I do seasonal data processing and the spring season had not yet begun. I had prior experience with selling handmade jewelry on the internet and had all ready decided that I wanted to use the internet for my venue. [...]
Bread rising: From sliced white to artisanal's resurgence | Radio Times | WHYY
The Hindu : Life & Style / Food : Roger that, oven and out!
The University of Chicago Magazine: August 2002, Campus News
Why you should probably stop eating wheat
Wheat and grain-based foods are all around us. We love our bagels, pasta, bread, and breakfast cereals. For many, the thought of eliminating these staples from our diets seems wholly unreasonable, if not ludicrous. But a growing number of people are switching to wheat-free diets &mdash; and for very good reason. As science is increasingly showing, eating wheat increases the potential for a surprising number of health problems. Here's why you should probably stop eating wheat.
Cottage Food
The Gourmet Bread Renaissance: Food + Drinks : Details
Long out of favor in our carbophobic culture, bread is on the rise as cutting-edge bakers are making waves in the culinary circles. Here's everything you need to savor the greatest thing since . . . well, you know.
California's Newest Business Craze: Homemade Food - Businessweek
Granola makers, homemade vinegar producers, and other foodies in California have cause to rejoice today. As of Jan. 1, a new state law allows people who make food at home to sell it to restaurants and grocery stores.
Bread Bakeries - Best Bakeries in America -
These bakeries from across the country are putting the art back into artisan bread baking. One whiff is all you need to know why these bakers across the country have loyal customers.
America’s Best Bread Bakeries | Food & Wine
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Fine bubble structure of bread dough visualized for first time
Baking the perfect loaf of bread is both a science and an art, so researchers are using Canada’s only synchrotron to look at the way bubbles form in bread dough to understand what makes the perfect loaf. Researchers from the University of Manitoba alongside scientists at the Canadian Light Source synchrotron used powerful X-rays on the Biomedical Imaging and Therapy beamline to look carefully at the fine details of dough.
Time to bake a loaf of bread – Sam Leith – Aeon
There's nothing so atavistic and satisfying in the morning as sinking your hands into a sticky, bubbling live sourdough
The Fall and Rise of French Bread
How do you recognize really good French bread? Listen to Steven Kaplan, a Cornell University history professor who has spent much of his life examining that question.
Celebrating Maine malts, wheat, and wood-baked bread - Food Features
 A knead for local grains
Bread and the Baker | Indiegogo
Bread and the Baker follows the life cycle of a loaf of bread and the journey of Mike Zakowski [the bejkr] and his quest to master the art of baking.
France's Famously Crusty Baguette Goes Soft -
One of the great symbols of French gastronomy is under siege as customers demand a doughier loaf.
Feeling depressed? Maybe you need to knead: New research reveals how baking is helping to lift thousands of people out of depression - Health News - Health & Families - The Independent
What with all the cupcakes-at-dawn hype over BBC2's Great British Bake Off final last week, which concluded in dramatic fashion with a surprise winner amid accusations of misogyny, it can be hard to forget that baking isn't all about the frivolous.
Sourdough breadmaking cuts gluten content in baked goods - Health - CBC News
Could gluten intolerance be curbed by the way we make bread? A handful of studies show sourdough baking techniques can significantly cut gluten content.
World Bakers Digital November 2013 - Joomag
First issue, available exclusively online, bakery and confectionery news, features and show reviews
Bakery Brings Wheat Back to Local Fields |
A spelt loaf, back on the farm where it was grown Hungry Ghost Bread in Northampton, Massachusetts, is a popular local bakery that's taken the unusual step of teaming up with farmers to reintroduce native wheats to the area. Now Four Star Farm in nearby Northfield is growing all of the whole-wheat, rye, spelt, triticale, corn flour, barley flour, and some of pastry flour used at Hungry Ghost--totaling a whopping 800 to 1,000 pounds a week. We caught up with Cheryl Maffei, who runs Hungry Ghost Bread with her husband and baker, Jonathan Stevens. She told us why partnering with local farmers is important to them, and how their Wheat Patch Project has taken off with growers and eaters alike. Why did you decide to start the bakery, and how did you settle on your location? We wanted to move from strictly wholesale in the basement of our home to a retail shop where we could interact with our customers. One Friday evening in November, in front of what became Hungry Ghost Bread, 90 people passed by in the space of 15 minutes. It seemed to us that the location across from a local supermarket, Serio's, and on the edge of Smith College campus would help to create a financially viable business. Did you both have a food background? Jonathan began baking bread as a stay-at-home dad in 1992, and I had some cooking experience. Food and spirit are closely associated, each feeding the other, love supplying the secret ingredient. Bread-baking seems almost spiritual. Do you feel a connection with your ingredients and times past? Yes. There are thousands upon thousands of nerves in our hands alone, and the naturally leavened bread has living bacteria in the dough. Most definitely we feel it. We like to say that wheat is the heart of civilization because it took a civilized world to take wild grasses and make it fit for human consumption. Cows and goats can munch grass in the field free of ill effects. Humans need to harvest, thresh, store, mill, mix, and bake in order to enjoy the bounty. As for some deeper connections, unfortunately Jonathan is a little too tuned into the dough instead of sleeping. You started the Wheat Patch Project to encourage local farmers to grow native wheat. Was Massachusetts a big wheat-growing region in the past? When the Pioneer Valley was settled in the early 1700s, it was considered the bread basket of the country. In fact, wheat was grown successfully here until WWII, when big agriculture centralized and created commodities out of food. Many if not most of our customers had never seen wheat in its growth stage until we planted small patches outside our bakery. What a joy to witness people, particularly children, make the connection between wheat in the ground and the loaf which they are biting into. Why is it important to you to promote local grains? Connections. Food is about connections both to the earth and to each other. Instinctively...
Is Sourdough the Future of Gluten-free Bread? -
Over the past few years researchers have been experimenting with sourdough fermentation as a means for making traditional wheat bread safe for people with celiac disease.
There Will Be Bread: The Newest Development in Food Culture Is Also the Oldest - - Dining - San Francisco - SF Weekly
You're here, so you're probably a foodie (whether you like it or not). You've read everything there is to know about local sourcing and seasonal menus and the advantages of grass-fed beef. You've end...
Ken Forkish: An interview with the man behind the bread |
How Did Toast Become the Latest Artisanal Food Craze? - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society
How did toast become the latest artisanal food craze? Ask a trivial question, get a profound, heartbreaking answer.
Roman military bread making
Roman military bread making.
Has the Gluten Health Mystery Been Solved? | Alternet
Why do so many people have trouble digesting gluten -- one bread baker might have hit on the answer.
"Gluten Sensitivity" May Be a Misnomer for Distinct Illnesses to Various Wheat Proteins - Scientific American
In Which Top Chefs Have Their Minds Blown by Scientists | Mother Jones
Sisters take pride in running Galesville bakery
GALESVILLE — There’s no sign on the building to advertise the name of Renaissance Breads & Pastries, although its owners have been baking bread, scones and cookies for 20 years.
5 Qualities of Truly Great Bread - Hungry Crowd | Food & Wine
With more than 20 years experience, Chad Robertson of San Francisco's Tartine Bakery is a true breadmaking virtuoso. Here, he names the five qualities that separate an amazing loaf from a mediocre one.
Food obsessives: the people searching for the perfect cheese, bread and coffee | Life and style | The Guardian
They spend every waking hour attempting to make the perfect espresso, sourdough or cheddar. Why? Because they have to …
Making Cake from Bread Dough circa 1880
I've been reading the bread section from The Thrift Book: A Cyclopaedia of Cottage Management, a British book published in the 1880s. It is interesting for
Grissini – Italian Breadsticks | Grain Mill Wagon
I Always Travel With My Mother | News | Features | Food Arts
Pre-Sliced Bread Was Once Banned in the United States
DeRusha Eats: Brake Bread « CBS Minnesota
Inside a St. Paul commercial kitchen, two friends are forming more than just loaves of bread. Micah Taylor is a web designer, and Nate Houge is a songwriter. Together, they form Brake Bread. "Bread is all about, like, time and tension and finding out the balance between them," Houge said.
Edible Tower: Make Your Own Bread Bowls for Picnics | Designs & Ideas on Dornob
Edible Tower: Make Your Own Bread Bowls for Picnics
Watch Chad Robertson Make Bread from His Book Tartine No. 3 - Video Interlude - Eater National
Breadmaster Chad Robertson, of San Francisco's Bar Tartine and Tartine Bakery, bakes some bread in a zen video for The New Yorker. Robertson talks about the release of his...
And now … Real Sourdough! | Artisan Food Law Blog
Sourdough is a spontaneous fermentation of flour and water in which naturally-occurring yeasts and beneficial lactic acid bacteria work in symbiosis to aerate and flavour bread, make nutrients more bio-available and improve digestibility. After a gap of at least two centuries, sourdough bread is making a comeback in Britain. But bread is notorious for not always being quite what it seems. In an echo of 19th century adulteration, some outlets are now putting the sourdough label on loaves that are far from the real thing. Andrew Whitley, co-founder of the Real Bread Campaign, author of Bread Matters and DO Sourdough – Slow Bread for Busy Lives, argues that ‘Real Sourdough’ needs legal definition via an Honest Crust Act to protect the public from ‘pseudough’.
Gluten Sensitivity Does Not Exist in Absence of Celiac Study Confirms
Breaking News, Information, Opinion, Entertainment and Health News
To bakers, coping with wheat intolerance is no piece of cake - SFGate
Though the obsessive cyclist is as wiry as a high-wire walker and ribboned with tattoos, there's enough gray in his brush of hair to mark the 18 years he has spent single-mindedly mastering his pizza-making skills. Because his symptoms disappeared on his days off, it was clear to Mangieri that flour was making him sick. In the past five years, gluten intolerance and celiac disease have become household words, but wheat can induce a whole other cluster of problems, including wheat allergy and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. When a person with wheat allergy consumes the grain, the body's immune system overreacts, often causing respiratory symptoms. When someone with celiac disease eats gluten - a protein found in wheat, barley and rye - the immune system attacks the small intestine, causing it to become dangerously inflamed. Dr. Rupa Mukherjee, a gastroenterologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's Celiac Center in Boston, says celiac disease can be confirmed with a blood test and a biopsy of the small intestine, but that with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, "there are no biomarkers to monitor." "Symptoms can run the gamut from bloating, loose stools and abdominal cramping to what I call more constitutional symptoms like fatigue and what they call 'brain fog,' " Mukherjee says. Jackie Riley, who now owns Greens & Grains, a 2-year-old prepared-foods shop in Alameda, spent two decades as a pastry chef in top-tier restaurants such as Charlie Trotter's in Chicago and Tabla in New York. Riley had noticed for years that she was having trouble with dairy and eggs, but after she moved to San Francisco in 2000, her wheat allergy - sneezing, itchy eyes, bright-red hives - grew so intense that she had to get out of the kitchen. Bakers who go it alone, like Polzine, have it harder. [...] someone invents a Lactaid-like pill for gluten sensitivity, her fervent hope, she spits out the bites she takes of dishes she's creating. The sneezing, itchy eyes and fatigue have largely faded, though he does have a persistent cough on nights that he works.
French bypass the bakery for baguettes
A prize-winning baguette vending machine is bringing in the dough for French bakers. CNN's Michael Holmes reports.
White bread consumption linked to obesity - The Times of India
People who eat more than two portions of white bread daily are at 40% increased risk of being obese compared with those with its low consumption, a research presented at the ongoing European Congress on Obesity has found.
Bread Baking Clinic: Under-Kneading & Over-Kneading | The Kitchn
After talking about that Goldilocks ideal of kneaded dough that's "just right," it's worthwhile to spend some time looking at the other ends of the spectrum. Knowing when you're under-kneading or over-kneading, and correcting for it, can mean the difference between a bummer loaf of bread and a fantastic one.
How a Chest of Ancient Grains Changed Baking History - Modern Farmer
How the discovery of a chest of ancient grains made its way to Sweden’s best bakers.
Building Bread & Community
 The words you speak become the house you live in. Hafiz I’ve always enjoyed making bread (check out my recipe for Good Old-Fashioned White Bread) but hadn’t, until recently, taken the leap into bread made with wild yeast. Rebecca, my […]
Recommended Bread Making Books — BREAD Magazine
A list of the best bread making books for any skill level and interest. Find your own favorite and start baking more and better bread in no time.
Why Ancient Egyptians Were Eating Better Bread Than We Are
Things that matter. Pass 'em on.