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David S. Cargo's Baking and Oven-Building Classes

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Baking classes for 2014 now listed in the schedule.


Baking with escargo

Here is information about all the classes that I teach at different Twin Cities co-ops, Columbia Heights High School, and other locations.

For information on private classes, go to the Private Classes page.

Ideally the contents of classes at different locations will be the same as long as the format is the same.

The classes offered by different locations will likely be different because the locations get to choose which classes they offer.

Class formats

I teach five different formats of classes. The formats are constrained by each location’s available classroom hours and facilities. (See Class Formats for more specific information.)

  • Discussion and Demonstration – Question and Answer, with some answers requiring some demonstration (2 hours).
  • Demonstration plus tasting – I demonstrate some kind of baking, and students get samples of what is made (2 hours).
  • Limited hands-on – I demonstrate some kind of baking, and students start making something but take it home to bake (2 1/2 hours).
  • Hands-on – I demonstrate some kind of baking, and students bake their own in class (4 hours).
  • Day long – Only my oven-building class is day long; oven-building is hands-on; the baking portion is demonstation plus tasting.

Class locations

Class locations are divided below by baking classes or oven classes. (See [Locations](locations.html for more specific information.)

Baking class locations

Previously I had taught a Lakewinds Natural Foods, but they no longer have a clasroom.

I also taught at what was known as the French Hill Folk School, but is now known as the Borner Farm Project, but they have not scheduled any of my baking classes for a while.

Oven class locations

The most up-to-date information about oven class locations can be found on the page specifically for the oven class.


This is my current list of class titles. (See Descriptions for short descriptions of the classes.)

  • Advice for the Loaf-Lorn (troubleshooting bread making problems)
  • Best Supporting Roll (sweet and savory rolls to complement meals)
  • Biscotti Bounty (make your own biscotti)
  • Bread in a Bag (quick and simple bread with minimal equipment)
  • Bread Without Fear (the basics of bread baking)
  • Build and Bake in a Portable Brick Oven (learn to build an oven in an hour, then bake in it)
  • Feast of Flatbreads (flatbreads of several varieties)
  • Muffins in Minutes (healthy muffins quickly made)
  • Multigrain Breads (combining flours for nutrition and cost reduction)
  • No-knead Breads (three ways of eliminating kneading, there are more)
  • Nuts for Granola (granola the way you like it)
  • Sweet Dough Creations (many ways of making rolls and coffee cakes with sweet dough and a variety of fillings).
  • Too Much Bread (sweet and savory dishes from leftover bread)
  • Quick bars and cakes (pumpkin bars, molasses oatmeal chewies, and double chocolate cake, all without a heavy-duty mixer)
  • Yeast Gone Wild (sourdough breads and other recipes for sourdough starter)

The Prices for the Classes

The prices of the classes have been set to what I feel is appropriate for the time and materials for the classes.

Prices for the same class may vary between locations depending on the format and the underlying policies of each location.


The schedule for the classes is set through negotiations between David S. Cargo and the education or event coordinators at class locations. (If you want a specific class at a particular location, you should contact the coordinator there and make a request.)

Here is a collected schedule for convenience.

If you are a class coordinator at one of the current locations, and you would like to schedule a class, contact me for negotiating a date.

If you are a class coordinator or perform a similar function at a new location, and you would like to schedule one or more classes, contact me so that I can find out about your facilities. After I have seen the facilities, we can negotiate which classes and dates.


Registering for the classes must be done through the locations where the classes are offerred.

Dropping Out

If you need to cancel attending a class, that must be done through the locations where the class is offerred.

Who Am I?

I am one of the founding members of the Saint Paul Bread Club I have earned several ribbons in the club’s bake-offs. I am one of the bakers featured in Kim Ode’s cookbook, Baking with the Saint Paul Bread Club: Recipes, Tips, and Stories.

I have worked as a baker professionally at Trotter’s Cafe and Bakery and at Saint Agnes Baking Company.

I have experience as a home baker, a professional baker, and I develop my own recipes for breads, cookies, bars, and other baked goods.

You can also find me on my Facebook personal page and my Facebook Baking with escargo page.

What about other classes?

If there are other baking classes you would like to see taught, please let me know. If there is sufficient demand, I’ll discuss it with the class locations to see about working them into future schedules.

If you are interesting in attending hands-on classes, I teach classes as fund-raisers for my church. Contact me directly, either through e-mail or at my home phone, 651-699-7676.