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David S. Cargo's Baking and Oven-Building Classes

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Baking classes for 2014 now listed in the schedule.


Baking Classes

This is the schedule of recent or upcoming baking classes.

If there is a class you would like to take at a current location, contact the appropriate classroom coordinator or customer service and place your request.

I don’t tell the locations what classes to offer. They choose from my existing classes which they will offer.

Currently Scheduled Baking Classes

I have started scheduling a few baking classes in 2014.

(I have been somewhat busy with other obligations.)

Here are my current class commitments.

Date Location Class Format Status
02/19/2015 Miss. Market Feast of Flatbreads Demo+Tasting Open for registration
03/12/2015 Miss. Market Yeast Gone Wild Demo+Tasting Open for registration
04/02/2015 Wedge Table Bread Without Fear Limited Hands-on registration not open yet
04/18/2015 WBCA Learn to Bake in a Wood-Fired Oven Demo+Tasting Open for registration
05/07/2015 Wedge Table Multigrain Bread Demo+Tasting registration not open yet

Oven-Building Classes

Oven-building classes have their own web page (to cut down on data rot).