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Saint Paul Bread Club

We knead to bake!

Saint Paul Bread Club (SPBC) Bread Baker Biographies

This is part of the new web site of the Saint Paul Bread Club.

The SPBC is made up of people with diverse backgrounds in baking. Some members have been baking bread for a long time; some are just starting the adventure.

Some of our members have won prizes at the state fair; others probably could if they felt confident enough to enter.

One of the goals of the SPBC is to help people build that confidence.

One way we thought that might help people get to know us better is to give them an idea of who we are collectively by giving profiles of some of our individual members.

So, enjoy reading about some of our members.

We want to know you better and for you to know us better!

We are always looking for volunteers to fill out the BBB questionnaire. Let us get to know you better.

I’ve put a blank questionnaire here; all you have to do is copy it and send it to David S. Cargo for inclusion in this collection.

Our passion for bread and bread making is what we have in common, but we come to that passion by different paths.

Thank you for joining us in our adventure.

Who are you?

How long have you been baking bread?

Who taught you how to bake bread?

When did you start baking bread at home?

What’s your favorite bread to bake?

What bread do you make most often?

Where do you get your bread recipes?

How do you mix your dough?

How do you proof your dough?

How do you bake your bread?

What gives you the greatest satisfaction in baking bread?

What was the most difficult bread you ever made and was it worth the effort?

What was the most unusual bread you ever made?

What was the most unusual ingredient you ever used in making bread?

What was the simplest bread you ever made?

What’s your favorite flour?

What’s your favorite yeast?

Do you bake with sourdough?

What kind of oven do you use?

Do you use baking stones or water pans?

What’s your favorite tool for making bread?

What kind of bread pans do you have?

What shape loaves do you make?

What’s the biggest batch of bread that you have made at home?

Do you bake bread year round?

If you buy bread, where do you buy it?

What’s your favorite bread book?

What is the bread book you would recommend to beginners?

How did you find out about the Bread Club?

What was your first bread club meeting?

What do you like about the Bread Club?

What do you learn from the Bread Club?