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Quarterly Meetings

If you have any pictures of quarterly meetings you would like to share, please consider sending to me (escargo) for posting.

Still under construction

Date Link
04/28/2007 Quarterly Meeting: 2007 Bake-Off
07/21/2007 Quarterly Meeting: Buns
04/26/2008 Quarterly Meeting: 2008 Bake-Off
06/28/2008 Quarterly Meeting: Rye Bread and Cheese
01/31/2009 Quarterly Meeting: Croissants
03/28/2009 Quarterly Meeting: French Breads
05/18/2013 2013 SPBC Bake-Off - John Jacobson pictures
05/18/2013 2013 SPBC Bake-Off - Alice de la Cova pictures
05/18/2013 2013 SPBC Bake-Off - Judy Dickerson pictures