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Baking with the Saint Paul Bread Club

The Book Itself

Kim Ode's cookbook based on recipes from members of the SPBC was published in 2006; the title is Baking with the St. Paul Bread Club: Recipes, Tips and Stories. (The page at the Minnesota Historical Society Press is here.) The official publication date was Sept. 18, 2006.

The book was nominated for a Minnesota Book Award in the nonfiction category, but did not win.

cookbook cover
This is an official group photo provided by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. Members of the St. Paul Bread Club whose recipes are included in the book. Front row, from left: Lorenzo Allen, Pat Roberts, Foster Cole; second row, from left: Char Johnson, Kim Ode, Marie Wang, Will Powers, Mark Shafer, Ron Miller, David Cargo; back row: Karen Vogl, Klecko, Bill Middeke. Not pictured: Elaine Cole, Carol Sturgeleski, and Susan Steger Welsh. official contributor group photo
Kim wrote the book, with SPBC members contributing recipes, tips, and stories. (This unofficial group photo courtesy of Kiersa Notz of Buon Gusto magazine.) cookbook contributors

The People in the Picture

Here are the people in picture. (Not all are quite visible in these shots.) Those who have bread baker biographies are linked to their respective biographies.

David S. Cargo Elaine and Foster Cole Char Johnson Klecko Lorenzo
Bill Middeke Ron Miller Kim Ode Will Powers Pat Roberts
Mark Shafer Carol Sturgeleski Karen Vogl Marie Wang Susan Steger Welsh