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Saint Paul Bread Club (SPBC) 2008 Bake-Off (April 26, 2008)

Bake-Off Categories

The Bake-Off had ten declared categories plus a special cateory:

  • French/Italian
  • Multigrain/Whole Wheat
  • Rye
  • Sourdough
  • Sweet Dough
  • Cracker Bread/Lavosh
  • Quick Breads
  • Chocolate Bread
  • Challah
  • Other

The special category was “Preserved” so that people who were unable to bake immediately before the bake-off could enter breads that had been baked and frozen and then thawed for the bake-off.

Bake-Off Winners

The winners of the ribbons in the different categories were:

Bread Type Blue Red White
French/Italian Tony Ernst (Italian Crown) Sylvia Brugos Tofness (French Levain) Foster Cole (Hazelnut Golden Raisin)
Multigrain/Whole Wheat Scotty Andrews (Marble Wheat) John Perhay (Toasted Irish Oat) Steve Carlson (Cracked Wheat)
Rye Kim Ode (Stout Rye) Laura Bender (Caraway Rye) Peg Plumbo (Spotted Rye)
Sourdough Tony Ernst (Seeded Sourdough) Bill McAuliffe (Sourdough Melody) Marlin Pierson (Sourdough Cranberry-Pecan)
Sweet Dough Mary Jo Boyle (German stollen) Martha Heisel (picnic buns) Pat Roberts (Finnish Cardmon Bread)
Cracker Bread/Lavosh Doris Carlson (Sesame Crackers) Alex Chinn (Syrian Flatbread) Kim Ode (Lemon Peopper Crackers)
Quick Bread Judy Nyagiro (Pecan Lemon Bread) Pat Roberts (Apricot/White Chocolate/Pecan Scones) Barbara Kiffe (Bluefin Bay Blueberry Bread)
Chocolate Bread Doris Carlson (Chocolate Banana Chip) Darlene Lewis (Chocolate Hazelnut) No Award
Challah Marlin Pierson Ron Miller Laura Bender
Other Alex Chinn (Broa) Carol Sturgeleski (Clover Leaf Rolls) Ron Miller (Olive Bread)
Preserved Alex Chinn (Syrian Flatbread) Peg Plumbo (Italian) Bill Heffron (Croissants)

Klecko’s Green Ribbons

This information may be incomplete; Klecko made the awards for his personally favorites, but didn’t note them himself.

Challah Laura Bender Challah
French/Italian Scotty Andrews Clay Baker Vienna
French/Italian Tony Ernst Italian Crown
Quick Bread Judy Nyagiro Lemon Pecan Quick Bread
Quick Bread Mary Jo Boyle Strawberry Pecan Quick Bread
Rye John Perhay Swedish Limpa Rye
Rye Laura Bender Caraway Rye
Sweet Dough Kim Ode Tropical Loaf
? John Perhay Julekaga
? Pat Roberts Finnish Cardamom Braid

Other Awards

There was no “Peoples’ Choice Award” this year.

I’m still trying to piece together the sweepstakes awards, which did not have a record sheet of their own.

Other Notes

The April 26, 2008 Bake-Off meeting had about 47 people attending. I counted about 79 entries in all the categories combined. (The number of attendees was down significantly from the 80 last year, but the number of entries was only down from 90 to 79.)

If you have any additions or corrections to the information shown here, please contact David S. Cargo (651-699-7676), the Vice President for Communications, and he can make corrections.