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Other SPBC Questions

Who is Klecko?

Klecko is the nickname of Dan McGleno. Quoting from an old Chef’s Gallery biography:

“Klecko has a passion for beautiful breads. He studied at Dunwoody and the American Institute of Baking. With 22 years experience in baking, he has baked for Presidents Reagan and Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the NHL and NBA. He provides breads for many local restaurants and co-ops, and is head baker and production manager at St. Agnes Bakery in St. Paul.”

There is also an article about him in City Pages.

Klecko founded the bread club in 2003 as a way of giving back to the community.

He has been the public face of the bread club and has appeared on the cover of Modern Baking magazine and gets quoted in the Minneapolis StarTribune about issues related to the baking industry.

What kinds of publicity has the bread club received?

The club itself has had a notice posted in the Minneapolis StarTribune and an article published in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. Club members David S. Cargo and Carol Sturgeleski were featured in an article in Saint Paul’s Avenues monthly magazine. We hope to keep the SPBC in the public eye.

A chapter of the cookbook, Baking with the St. Paul Bread Club: Recipes, Tips, and Stories by Kim Ode, appeared on the 2008 St. Paul Almanac.

Does the SPBC have a newsletter?

Not at this time; volunteers to create one are welcome.

Does the SPBC have a mailing list?

David S. Cargo, the Vice President for Communications, maintains a contact list with members’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses. About once a month he send e-mail to members who have e-mail addresses. (The phone numbers are only used if the e-mail addresses fail or or there is no e-mail address available.)