bread loaf

Saint Paul Bread Club

We knead to bake!

Questions about the SPBC members

Are novice bread bakers welcome?

Bread bakers of any level of experience are welcome; we all have knowledge to share.

Are professional bakers welcome?

See above. Note that everybody can learn something from other members.

Who are the members of the SPBC?

Club members have little in common besides a love of good bread. The genders of the membership are actually pretty close to balanced.

We are a mixed group of people (mixed by age and gender). People of all ages are members. Many are older adults, and a fair portion are seniors. We tend to be the people who have time to bake, or who feel that baking is important enough to make time.

The main requirement for membership is that you be passionate about bread.

How many members does the SPBC have?

In 2004, we had about 60 members on our contact list. In July, 2008, we had about 470. In April, 2011, we had about 620 members.

We have never all been at the same place at the same time.

Where are members from?

As of July, 2008, we had ZIP codes for 188 members; there were 88 different ZIP codes on the list.

We have some members in Wisconsin, some in outstate Minnesota, and a few from other places entirely.

Now the list of ZIP codes has its own page.