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Saint Paul Bread Club

We knead to bake!

What other activities has the SPBC had?

Field Trips

Sometimes a location is compelling enough that people will organize a trip to visit a location of sufficient merit.

Past field trips have visited

Members should feel free to propose and organize other field trips if they feel so inclined. (Contact the vice president for communications to help get the word out.)

One-Time Events

Sometimes we have had special events related to bread. If they don’t repeat, then they must be called one-time events.

Iron Baker

On July 22, 2006, several of the most noted bakers in the SPBC were in a competition to see who could produce the best bread under as close to identical conditions as possible.

The goal was to show how bakers starting from the same ingredients can produce markedly different results.

By chance, there were three men and three women. (Also by chance, the men’s last names are in the first half of the alphabet; the women’s last names are in the last half.)

  • David S. Cargo
  • Tony Ernst
  • Ron Miller
  • Kim Ode
  • Pat Roberts
  • Marie Wang

Kim Ode won the overall competition.

Lorenzo’s Bread Circus

One of the most notable was Lorenzo’s Bread Circus held at the Mill City Museum.

Bread-related Classes

Members have participated in a bread baking class at Historic Fort Snelling (look for “Bread Baking Class” on the Events page for the next class).

Other members have participated in building a clay oven at Gale Woods Farm Park

Slow Food Minnesota

On November 10, 2007, the SPBC had a join meeting with Slow Food Minnesota.

The two groups continue to communicate, but we haven’t had any more joint events.

Other Events

Annual Picnic

On August 10, 2008, the SPBC had a picnic at the Crosby Farm Park in Saint Paul. It became the first annual SPBC picnic.

In 2009, we had another picnic at Crosby Farm Park,

In 2010, we we lucky enough to use the new wood-fired oven at Silverwood Park for a pizza party and picnic. (There are two sets of pictures of the picnic available here.)

A picnic in 2011 is likely.