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Saint Paul Bread Club

We knead to bake!

Questions about the SPBC

These are general questions about the SPBC.

What is the SPBC?

The bread club is a group of people who are passionate about bread. Most of us are home bakers. The club was founded in Saint Paul by Dan “Klecko” McGleno, and meets primarily in Saint Paul, but members are not required to live in Saint Paul (or even in Minnesota).

How old is the SPBC?

Klecko called the first meeting in January of 2003. There have been quarterly meetings since that time. (See the History page for more detailed information about the club’s history.)

How big is the SPBC?

Since there are no dues, the membership of the SPBC is practically determined by the number of people on the contact list. At the present time (April 2011), there are about 620 people on the contact list. (In July, 2008, there were about 470 members.)

What does the SPBC do?

The only prescheduled activities of the SPBC are the meetings.

These now usually include quarterly meetings, monthly meetings, and an annual picnic.

Sometimes members will decide that some activities make sense to do as a club, and will organize an activity in addition to the scheduled meetings.

How is the SPBC organized?

The club has a founder (Dan “Klecko” McGleno) and currently has two officers, a president and a vice president for communications. The officers schedule meetings, maintain a club roster, and do publicity. Subjects covered in future meetings are suggested by attendees. Members of the club are encouraged to help with publicity.

The ideal list of officers that we would like to see filled include:

  • Founder (Klecko)
  • President (Ron Miller)
  • Vice President for Communications (David S. Cargo)
  • Corresponding Secretary (vacant)
  • Membership Secretary (vancant)
  • Recording Secretary (vancant)
  • Publicist (vancant)
  • Photographer (vancant)

Do I need to be an expert bread baker to be a member?

You don’t have to be an expert bread baker to be a member; you just have to love good bread. Complete beginners are welcome.

Can anybody join the SPBC?

Anybody can join. All ages are welcome.

How much are the dues?

There are no dues for the SPBC. Membership in the club is free.

Why are there no dues?

The founder, Klecko, believes that having dues would make the club much less fun, and introduce too much bureaucracy and politics into the club. This does constrain the club to activites that people are willing to volunteer to do.

The quarterly meetings are supported by the Saint Agnes Baking Co., who lets us meet in their commercial bakery.

How can I join the SPBC?

You can just show up at a meeting, or you can contact David S. Cargo (651-699-7676), the Vice President for Communications, and he can add you to the club’s contact list.

To be added to our e-mail contact list send e-mail to David S. Cargo the Vice President for Communications.

  1. Please put Join SPBC and the date somewhere in the subject line
  2. Include the e-mail address where you would like notices to be sent
  3. Include a phone number where we can contact you
  4. Include your mailing address (or at least your ZIP code)

(More complete information is on the SPBC Joining page)

How can I quit the SPBC?

Since it’s free, why would you want to? If you do want to quit, you contact David S. Cargo (651-699-7676), and ask him to remove you from the contact list.